Tips for a Green Lifestyle

There is again not an exhaustive list to lead a sustainable and green lifestyle for our lovely but sickening planet.  "Less is More" is at the core of the many innovative efforts - let’s be creative and act now! 

  • Shop only if you really need it – sometimes think about the limited storage at home before shop
  • Go for some classic and durable fashion styles and you won’t need to shop every season
  • Learn to sew and mend a button
  • Chop up torn clothes into pieces after cleaning and turn them into wiping cloths
  • Donate old clothes instead of throwing them away
  • Laundry in a full load of washing machine to save energy and water
  • Hand wash instead of dry clean; air dry instead of tumble dry
  • Share baby and kid clothings among friends and families – it also saves money


  • No shark fins and endangered animals!
  • Eat greens and organic, if you can – the production of vegetables require much less water than that for meat
  • Know which sustainable seafood to eat – have a look at WWF’s seafood guide
  • Put on a lid when you cook to save heat
  • Know your stomach, order food portion that fits your appetite
  • Voice out “less rice” when order
  • Bring your own reusable containers when order takeaways
  • Bring your own bags (BYOB!) to lift food back home
  • Do the dishes after meals without keeping the water tap on


  • Pay attention to energy labels when buying electrical appliances
  • Cut back air-conditioning, fans normally allow better ventilation
  • Unplug and turn OFF power sources as and when you don’t need them – stand-by mode consumes energy too!
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Install a low-flow showerhead
  • Mend dripping and leaking faucet
  • Stop using plastic bottles and one-off foam containers, reduce wastes – Hong Kong’s landfills are about to be full!


  • Climb stairs instead of taking lifts – keep fit and save energy
  • For walkable distance, do the walk please
  • Use public transport or even ride a bike whenever possible
  • If you have to drive to work, worthwhile to find out colleagues who live in your neighbourhood to share ride