Message from the Chairman of the Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK; formerly known as "Hang Seng Management College [HSMC]") strives to embark on a long-term sustainable development with the goal of becoming a leading private university in the near future. Sustainability is at the heart of the wide range of activities that the HSUHK Community undertakes.  We have been putting emphasis on providing a sustainable built campus environment for our research, teaching and learning activities.  The principle of sustainability is manifested by HSUHK being the first higher education institution in Hong Kong awarded the BEAM Plus (version 1.1) ‘Platinum’ rating for four of our new buildings, i.e. S H Ho Academic Building (Block A), Lee Shau Kee Complex (Block B), Lee Quo Wei Academic Building (Block D) and subsequently the BEAM Plus (version 1.2) 'Platinum' Rating for the HSUHK Jockey Club Residential Colleges. HSMC was also awarded "Finalist" in the Green Building Award 2014. The above achievements affirm the University's leading role in promoting green initiatives in the region.

To ride on the success of the flagship event “HSMC Symposium on Sustainability and Bamboo” in July 2015, the Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability has been formed with student representation under the Space Allocation and Facilities Management Committee (SAFMC) to identify and facilitate implementation of practical measures on energy conservation and sustainability by engaging staff and students.

Our efforts on energy conservation and sustainability should not follow a “top-down” approach; instead, we sincerely hope that YOU, as part of the HSUHK Community, will be able to tell us your opinions about how to collectively, continuously and creatively steer towards a more sustainable campus life.  You can also join us at the upcoming events to share with us your ideas.  A small step from you, a big step for HSUHK – Let's "Think Green‧Act Green at HSUHK"

Dr Tom W. H. Fong
Vice-President (Organisational Development)
Chairman, Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability