HSUHK Energy Conservation and Sustainability

HSUHK is keen to step up sustainable efforts when carrying out a wide range of our research, teaching and learning activities by our students and staff.  While the list is never exhaustive, as a start, we have been working on:

  • Re-adjusting the optimal temperature of chilled water to better fit seasonal changes
  • Turning off internal lighting in most public areas 30 minutes after the last booking on non-class days
  • Turning off most escalators and passenger lifts in most buildings 30 minutes after the last booking on non-class days
  • Turning off air-conditioning of classrooms 30 minutes before the last booking to better utilise the remaining indoor coolness on non-class days
  • Turning off decorative lighting as far as possible to minimise energy consumption and light pollution
  • Gradually replacing old and broken lighting with those having higher energy efficiency
  • Using LEDs for some outdoor lighting
  • Conducting regular cleaning and inspection of the air-conditioning to maximise efficiency
  • Encouraging purchase of electrical appliances with higher energy efficiency
  • Advocating rooftop farming on one of our BEAM Plus buildings 
  • Adopting hibernation mode of personal computers (PCs) for 2-hour inactivity
  • Shutting down of public PCs after 1-hour inactivity
  • Promulgating printing of emails only if necessary
  • Placing recycling bins in offices and student residential halls e.g. computer labs, printing stations (see campus locations of recycling bins here)