HSUHK Quarterly Hour and No Air Con Night

To step up our efforts in energy conservation and sustainability and to raise awareness on eco-friendliness, we have carried out “HSUHK Quarterly Hour” scheduled for 4 times a year. In these 60 minutes, we will reduce our carbon footprint by minimising unnecessary energy consumption. This time, the University pledges to take part in Green Sense’s "No Air Con Night" alongside “HSUHK Quarterly Hour” and asks for your kind support to consider turning off air con at home and bedroom. You can also sign up online individually if you would like to pledge to turn off the air con in the night of 5 October.
Details of the "HSUHK Quarterly Hour" are as follows:


05.10.2019 (Saturday)


8:30 p.m.


All buildings on the campus and the Residential Colleges of HSUHK


1. During this event hour, decorative lightings of our buildings will be turned off; 
2. The illumination level of external areas, open spaces, gardens, staircases will be reduced to minimum; while
3. Functional lightings for occupied campus facilities will not be affected.


 Details of the "No Air Con Night" are as follows:


05.10.2019 (Saturday)

Proposed Time:

7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. next day

Proposed Venue:

All area on campus and the Residential Colleges of HSUHK, with natural ventilation 


JOIN US TO COOL THE PLANET by hosting your own “No Air Con Night” and “Quarterly Hour”, too!