Paper Saving Day

The Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability has signed up “Paper Saving Programme”, in which “Paper Saving Day” will be held on 15 July 2019 by the World Green Organisation (WGO).  We hope that everyone can use less paper tissues, paper towels and wet wipes for a day such that we can reduce the emission of 244 tons of greenhouse gases for the Earth, equivalent to more than the amount of carbon neutrality of 1 million trees a year, as well as to send less wastes to landfills.

According to the Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong of the Environmental Protection Department, waste paper has been the second largest component of municipal solid waste for 4 consecutive years in weight. Its percentage has also increased, and more than 40% of it is paper towels, paper bags, etc. According to a survey conducted by WGO, Hong Kong people consume more than 65 million tissue papers, approximately 30 million paper towels and 10 million wet wipes on average every day, which are estimated to weigh around 176 metric tons, equivalent to the weight of nearly 12 buses. The volume of paper consumption of Hong Kong people is huge. Unfortunately, these "papers" cannot be recycled and will be sent to landfills. Therefore, WGO urges everyone to join the “Paper Saving Programme” and “Paper Saving Day” so as to reduce the use of paper to make Hong Kong become a green city.

More on using less papers, please refer to Paper Saving Tips.