HSUHK Quarterly Hour


To step up our efforts in energy conservation and sustainability and to raise awareness on eco-friendliness, we are going to carry out “HSUHK Quarterly Hour” scheduled for 4 times a year. In these 60 minutes, we will reduce our carbon footprint by minimising unnecessary energy consumption. 

Details of the "HSUHK Quarterly Hour" are as follows:

Date 26.01.2019 (Saturday)
Time 8:30 p.m.
Venue All buildings on the campus and the Residential Colleges of HSUHK
  1. During this event hour, decorative lightings of our buildings will be turned off; 
  2. The illumination level of external areas, open spaces, gardens, staircases will be reduced to minimum; while
  3. Functional lightings for occupied campus facilities will not be affected.

JOIN US TO COOL THE PLANET by hosting your own “Quarterly Hour”, too!