Appeal for Support on Energy Conservation

Dear Colleagues and Students,
Thank you for your continuous contribution and participation in the energy conservation and sustainability activities. We are pleased to advise that a total of 202 MWh energy (HK$0.25M) has been saved in the period between September and June (10 months) in academic year 2017/18, as compared with that of the same period in academic year 2016/17.
We would like to call for your continuous support to “Energy Saving Charter 2018 / 4Ts Charter” campaign, organized by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department.  

Energy Saving Charter 2018

(a) maintain average indoor air temperature between 24-26 oC during the summer months of June to September in 2018;
(b) switch off electrical appliances & systems when not in use and procure energy efficient electrical appliances & systems from June 2018 to May 2019; and
(c) engage staff / students to adopt the above energy saving practices together.

4Ts Charter
(d) set energy saving target with a timeline [1];
(e) ensure transparency to track energy saving results [2]; and
(f) encourage inhabitants to work together on the above energy saving target.

[1] Target has been set at 10% of energy reduction for Academic and Administration Building (Block N) by 2022, compared with 2016.
[2] The energy saving results will be published on the website in the 1st quarter of each year.

Let’s “Think Green‧Act Green at HSMC” !

Best regards,

Dr Tom Fong
Vice-President (Organisational Development)
Chairman, Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability
Dr Hackman Lee
Head, Campus Development
Management Office