Preventive Measures on Mosquito Breeding, 25 Feb 2016

Dear students and colleagues,

As you may be aware, Zika virus (寨卡病毒) has now become a notifiable infectious disease while dengue fever (登革熱) is an endemic illness in many countries in Southeast Asia; and in fact there were confirmed local cases in the past. As we all know, both diseases are mosquito-borne diseases. With the approach of Spring with higher temperature and humidity, mosquito breeding will become more active. In light of the concept “Prevention is always better than cure”, the Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability would like to urge members of the College community to stay vigilant against these diseases and we have stepped up efforts to put in place various preventive measures in particular anti-mosquito breeding on campus.

In this respect, CDMO has already been taking a series of actions to control and prevent mosquito breeding on campus including:

  • Identify the different levels of risks in HSMC areas that may be prone to mosquito breeding;
  • Implement measures to control and to mitigate the mosquito problem;
  • Lead the physical operations to remove stagnant water including rectification of physical conditions to avoid trapping of water;
  • Liaise with experts, government authorities and service providers to enhance the effectiveness on the prevention works, where appropriate; and
  • Always keep the College environment clean and hygienic.

We have urged joint efforts from residents of Residential Colleges/Old Hall to take part by observing the following:

  • Close the mosquito screens on windows and report if there are any damages in the screens;
  • Take extra care during dawn and dusk as mosquitoes tend to be most active;
  • Drain out standing water, and report if pool of standing water is found, including the flower pots outside the window;
  • Consult doctor immediately if you suspect of having an infectious disease, and report to the Hall Management Unit or Masters/ Associate Masters for assistance.

Lastly, we would like to pledge every member of the HSMC community to play a part in the prevention of mosquito breeding. Please keep CDMO informed of any situations that you have noted that are not proper and/or the hygiene condition which may cause mosquito breeding, via CDMO hotline at 3963 5100 (ext. 100) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that appropriate action can be arranged accordingly.

We will keep a close watch on the latest development of Zika virus and dengue fever and coordinate necessary arrangements for protecting the health and safety of the College community.

May I take this opportunity to wish you good health and happiness in the Year of the Monkey!

Best regards,

Dr Tom Fong
Associate Vice-President (Student Development and Campus Services)
Chairman, Working Group on Energy Conservation and Sustainability